Chances are, you have an opinion of Bill Maher. Chances are, you have an opinion on religion.

Mine on Bill is that he’s a good button pusher, often on the money in his argument, and oftentimes he tries too hard or takes the easy road and would rather crack a joke than debate. I try to watch his shows based on who the guests are but I get tired of him mugging or smugging or making the guests he doesn’t agree with look bad.

Mine on religion is that Chuck E. Cheese needs a new pizza recipe.

If you live in Atlanta or Charlotte and would like to see Religious, Maher and Larry Charles’ documentary about that quirky religion stuff that Devin Faraci gave a 9 out of 10 to, simply use the correct link below, include your mailing address, and that’s it.

Because I don’t want to know your religious beliefs. Unless you worship Kali or Cthulhu, and then you’re awesome.

Misguided, but awesome.