Today on dvd a horror movie (from the creators of Crank!) was released called Pathology.
You might’ve seen the ads for it. What’s it about?

The creators of Crank crank up the shock value in this twisted tale of terror that combines pulse-pounding thrills with heart-stopping suspense! Ted Grey (Milo Ventimiglia) is a brilliant medical student with a promising future in forensics. But when he joins the nation’s most prestigious Pathology program, he unknowingly becomes a pawn in a terrifying game of death and destruction as his fellow students use their razor-sharp skills to commit unthinkable murders. When the pathological secrets of his colleagues begin to unfold, Ted quickly realizes that what he doesn’t know…could kill him.

Definitely getting a little bit of a Re-Animator vibe from that (and there’s apparently plenty of gore), which is never a bad thing. Here’s the list of extras:

- Audio Commentary by Ventimiglia, Weston, Schoelermann and writers/producers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor
- Four behind the scenes Featurettes
- Deleted and Alternate Scenes