I still can’t believe how much I dug Olympus Has Fallen. Sure, it’s xenophobic, chest-beatingly patriotic, extremely unoriginal, and pretty dumb. So are a lot of our favorite action flicks from the 80s and 90s. Olympus Has Fallen felt like a return to the brutal but still fun action fare of yesteryear, and in a market where pure action flicks are being overshadowed by superheroes and YA adaptations, it was a nice refresher.

I can’t say that I feel the same enthusiasm about the upcoming sequel, London Has Fallen. The scale of carnage and mayhem looks like it will be broadening, but I don’t think Americans will feel as motivated to see another country’s landmarks get terroristed. Regardless, here’s the first teaser poster doing exactly what you thought it’d be doing:

london has fallen teaser poster

It’s a bummer Antoine Fuqua won’t be back in the director’s chair, but I’m still committed to see this. I hope Gerard Butler’s headstab count is at least doubled in this flick.

London Has Fallen opens October 2.

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