stephen king joe hill vincenzo natali

Please don’t tell me that you Chewers are so jaded that this headline doesn’t give you at least a teeny-tiny smile. Vincenzo Natali (director of CubeHaunter, past and future episodes of Hannibal, and the criminally underappreciated Splice) has announced that he is going to write and direct an adaptation of the Stephen King/Joe Hill novella In the Tall Grass.

I haven’t read the book, but if the Internet is to be believed, the story follows two siblings on a road trip who stumble upon a boy in field who needs their help. It doesn’t pay to be good Samaritan though, and pretty soon some weird things start taking place.

I’m in the bag when it comes to all three of these creative forces (I haven’t seen Haunter. Thoughts, anyone?), and the premise sounds like a decent enough setup for some horror hijinks. Natali is still in the scripting phase, so don’t expect a trailer any time soon. But, this is one to keep on the radar. With big budget adaptations of It and  The Stand on their way, and even a recent King adaptation written by the man himself (A Good Marriage, which I also missed. More thoughts?), we could be looking at another wave of Stephen King films. That’s fine by me.

…Oh, and maybe Joe Hill can get a slightly better movie than what Horns ended up as.

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