Tom Hardy is something else. He’s just fascinating. Every choice he makes is deliberate and interesting and exciting. Say what you want about his take on Bane in The Dark Knight Rises but that performance is undeniably unique. Then you check him out in Bronson and Locke and The Drop and you realize what a god damn treasure he is.

So when Hardy says he wants to portray Marvel’s The Punisher you say yes. absolutely, go for it. He can turn in one hell of a Frank Castle performance, full of those classic Hardy choices and mannerisms and pathos. And while even Hardy admits he isn’t a complete physical match for the character, you know you would see that movie on day one.

The once-and-future Mad Max made the comment to Collider, after discussing his recent departure from Suicide Squad. 

Collider: I heard Warner Bros. has a few more superhero movies, maybe one or two that they’re developing [Laughs].

HARDY: I want The Punisher… I want The Punisher, or Splinter Cell, I want something…I don’t know what I want.

You as Punisher could be very interesting.

HARDY: I’m not big enough to be The Punisher, I’m 5’9” [Laughs].

But I actually think that adds to the character.

HARDY: Frank Castle, I would love it. Is that him, isn’t it?

Yeah. It’s Frank Castle.

Sure, it would suck to have Hardy tied up in a multi-picture Marvel contract for several years but, man, Hardy wearing that faded skull on his chest sounds good to me. And just imagine the weird voice he would give Castle. It’s not a Tom Hardy performance if it doesn’t have a weird voice.

We’re reaching a point where Marvel needs to make surprising and intriguing casting decisions to keep fans happy. If Hardy truly is game, Marvel should definitely bite.