Let us not mince words – I write this while being quite fucked up. It’s 6:30 in the morning and I have just come home (to my hotel, filled with Ike evacuees) from my first day of Fantastic Fest 08. I saw three films today – JCVD, Not Quite Hollywood and Late Bloomer and took part in the game show Fantastic Feud AND sang (and drank) at late night karaoke. There’s video of me singing Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, as well as video I took of amazing director Nacho Vigalondo (director of Time Crimes, one of my favorite Sundance films). Nacho will become one of your favorite directors in the years to come, and I hope my little video gets you started down that path.

But those videos will wait (since it takes forever to load them on YouTube). First up is my wrap up of my first day of Fantastic Fest, which actually started Thursday night (hey, I was in London). I give quickie reviews of the three films I saw today and talk some other shit. I made this in Microsoft Movie Maker, and even did titles! Treat me like this is the Special Olympics (which it essentially is) and applaud for me. Hopefully the quality of these videos will get better over time.

And don’t worry – real written reviews will come with time. This just gives me a good way to give you info quick and dirty.

Enjoy, best you can.