The Human Centipede and its sequel are films that people have strong opinions about. I knew someone who refused to watch the movie simply because of the premise. It’s unfortunate that the first film became something of a joke because it’s sequel is not only a superior film, it also has something to say about peoples’ perception of those who consume violent media.

Writer/director Tom Six seems to be returning to a place of strong social commentary with The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence), but its something so specific that it almost seems out of place. Discussing film violence was a perfect fit for a Human Centipede sequel, but tackling the prison system is sort of out there.

I’m not feeling this entry. Third entries (especially trilogy closers) are notoriously difficult and its rare that they equal or surpass their predecessors. Dieter Laser has gone full Tommy Wiseau (you never go full Tommy Wiseau), the visual quality of the film looks like a Syfy movie, and the promise of a five-hundred person human centipede isn’t as enticing as Martin’s homebrew human centipede from the sequel.

Are there any defenders of The Human Centipede franchise among you, Chewers? Is anyone looking forward to this (besides die-hard Eric Roberts fans), or has the ass-to-mouth well run dry?