Now this is dedication. I’m sitting in the run-down lobby of the Kutsher’s resort in Monticello, NY where for the next few days I’ll enjoy a steady stream of beer and rock called All Tomorrow’s Parties. (Sometimes a man has to give himself an early birthday present.) And yet the news that Stephen Chow has signed on to direct and co-star in Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet was too juicy not to post.

Strike that. I guess it’s Stephen Chow’s Green Hornet now.

Chow steps in as Kato, sidekick to Rogen’s Green Hornet. Producer Neal Moritz says that Chow was “the only name on the list” for the character. This marks the last step in Chow’s plan to thoroughly dominate and re-work the classic image of Bruce Lee into his own comedy-infused persona. It also gives you a pretty good idea of what the film will be like, though hopefully in two years I can look back on this article and say by that I meant ‘it’s like Kung-Fu Hustle‘ and not ‘it’s like CJ7‘. Not that I really want the film to be like KFH, but it’s time to be realistic.

Green Hornet is scheduled for a June 25 2010 release. Thanks to the many people who emailed the story. (Though Kelvin and a couple others beat you to it over Twitter.)