Earlier this week the good folks over at Screamfest were kind enough to bestow us with some good news for a change regarding Trick ‘r Treat‘s impending release; while it’s not going to be hitting thousands of theaters nation-wide anytime soon, it is going to be the first film shown at their festival, which runs from Oct. 10-19 at Grauman’s Mann Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Still no word on when the actual showtimes will be for Trick ‘r Treat on opening day, but if you live in or can make it to Hollywood on this date I highly recommend you do so. Chances are high this may be one of the few, if only, times it’ll be seen in a theater before it gets unceremoniously dumped to DVD.

Furthermore, if you’re able to make it to Dark Delicacies (4213 W. Burbank) in Burbank, on October 9th @ 7pm, director Michael Dougherty will be signing copies of Trick ‘r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery & Mischief . The book chronicles the making of the film and features tons of images, conceptual art, and various anecdotes on the production of the film. It’ll be going for $45.00, if you’re interested in scoring a copy.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below to whet your appetite.