A batch of new stills from The Spirit arrived a couple days ago, but I didn’t do anything with them, mostly because they were almost indistinguishable from the last batch of stills.

Now, these two posters that UGO has debuted (at least I think UGO brought them out first, and since I’m on the road with very limited access I’m treating them as if that’s the case until I’m corrected) are something else. While the heavy Sin City vibe is still very much in effect, each image is fun and dynamic. I actually really like the character sheet for The Spirit himself, though I know too much about the movie for it to actually sway me into wanting to see it. But even the sheet featuring Sam Jackson as The Octopus has a good vibe. If this project was not already so deeply suspect these one-sheets would probably have a very positive influence.

Head to UGO to see the full images.