When Capcom debuted the “Box art” for Mega Man 9, a game that would only exist as numbers on people’s hard drives, gamers went nuts. It was old school, it was awesome, and everyone wanted it.

And Capcom heard you guys. Check it out-

That’s not a real cartridge, of course, but it’ll open to show the cd with assets for the game.

How do you get one of these? Well, they are really just press kits that are being sent out to journalists (I’m not above begging, Capcom) but there’s a good chance that 200 copies of this bad boy will be popping up at the Capcom store. Keep an eye out, cause they are going to go quicker than you can imagine.

I got a chance to try the game since being skeptical about it in my first article, and I have to say that all my doubts were erased. It really is everything you could ask for in a Mega Man game. Sure, it’s not something new, but they got every bit of the game down perfect – the graphics, the controls, the sound. Also, the game is HARD. It kicked my ass all over the place, and I didn’t even get to a boss on the two levels I tried. My skills have seriously deteriorated. As the Capcom rep I spoke to note- “It’s like riding a bike… it’s just an incredibly difficult bike.”

So anyway, good luck grabbing one of these. Here are the just-announced release dates for the game-

Wii Ware – September 22, 2008
PSN – September 25, 2008
XBLA – October 1, 2008