God damn is this season going to be rough on the wallet. EA just announced that Mirror’s Edge (which we first told you about here) will be hitting PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 11th. It’s Veteran’s day, so hopefully you’re off from work. A PC version is on the way but it won’t hit till later on this winter.

I’m going to be attending yet another Community Day over at Redwood Shores for this game in early October, so you can be sure we’ll have plenty more coverage on it. Having played it at E3, Russ and I both found that the first person perspective worked perfectly with the game. It really is incredibly easy to control, and man is it fun to run and jump and hurtle over rooftops. It’s not only all outside on the top of buildings, either… we were allowed to try a level that had you running and dodging soldiers inside a massive sewer system.

You will all soon get the chance to try it out for yourselves as they are planning on releasing a demo of the game shortly. It will contain a tutorial and taste of the single player game (most probably the opening rooftop scene). If you preorder the game, you’ll get a code to unlock a time trial mode in the demo.

It’s already obvious that DICE has done something special here, but can it compete against all the big name games hitting the next few months? We shall see…