Chris Pratt Indiana Jones header

If you’re the biggest Chris Pratt fan on the world and simply can’t wait to read Disney’s announcement of a new Indiana Jones movie starring Johnny Karate himself, I’m sorry to disappoint you today. That is not going to happen, at least for some time. Speaking to Vanity Fair magazine, great producer Kathleen Kennedy (who produced all of the other movies as well) confirmed that there is no script for a fifth movie. Only talks happened. She did say that one day a new movie will be made for sure, but that’s all that’s certain at the moment.

See, “talks” are always happening. Ever since acquiring the brand Indiana Jones from LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy met with dozens of writers, actors, directors, and other producers talking about a possible new movie. Of course they’re generally open to a new entry, but they’re super careful about it. They know a new movie will have to recast one of the most iconic roles ever. What they don’t want to happen is a new Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, or a John Carter, or a Robocop. They can’t risk creating a movie that is only good. Whatever the new movie is, it’ll have to be a colossal $750 million+ hit and continue on with at least two sequels.

Yeah, Chris Pratt seems like a great fit, and his Guardians of the Galaxy was huge. But at the moment, he’s still in a Sam Worthington phase. It’s unlikely but possible that Jurassic World underperforms. Maybe Disney needs to see Pratt turn another franchise into a hit first before they approach him officially. Maybe they’re already deep in negotiations and just trying to talk Pratt out of a $20 million salary. Or maybe Kennedy actually only has eyes and ears for Star Wars related stuff at the moment. Still, even with Disney prepping three new Star Wars Episodes and three new Star Wars Anthologies on top of that, it’s only a matter of time when they’ll go forward on Indy as well. You don’t buy something that big if you don’t use it.

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