Well, she’s no Kari Wuhrer, but she’ll do. You’ve probably already seen the first trailer that revealed the cast of Red Alert 3 (Jenny McCarthy! Peter Stomare! Tim Curry! JK Simmons! George Takaei! Andrew fucking Divoff!), but if you don’t crack a smile while seeing the amazing cast of Red Alert 3 acting like fools in this remix, I pity you.

Command and Conquer fans know that this is the one we’ve been waiting for. Hell, I just picked up C&C: The First Decade to brush up on my history. The game continues the story from the first two Red Alerts, that has Einstein going back into the past to stop World War II. A simple handshake with Hitler was all it took to mess up his future plans, but Einstein returned to find out he’d made things even worse. Without Nazi Germany, Stalin got big ideas of his own and starts taking over countries left and right… invading China and heading into Eastern Europe.

This sequel continues with the notion that Japan has also been growing unchecked, until they finally decide to engage in war with the west. And what do they bring to the table? Mechs, of course. Giant friggin’ mechs.

Can’t wait. Red Alert 3 hits the PC on October 28th, and Xbox 360 on November 12th. If you’ve never played the incredible real-time strategy game before, you can download the first Red Alert, absolutely free! Just head on over to the official site.