Due to a discussion on our messageboard and the fact that I’ve owned the dvd set for a year now without watching it once, Tremors will be the last free movie screening we host this year.

As many of you know, we’ve been hosting free movie nights at Hell Gate Social in Astoria, Queens for a couple of years now. This summer is quickly drawing to a close, so this could be the last chance to watch the movies on the big screen in their outside garden. We probably will keep going during the winter with the movies inside the bar, but of course it’s nicer to be able to hang outside.

As usual, it’s free and I’ll be giving away dvds after the screening. It’ll start whenever the sun goes down- probably around 8:30. The place opens at 7- show up early for happy hour and drink deals! Also, if we start things off early and enough people are interested, we might turn it into a double feature with Tremors 2!

Anyway, email me or call the bar for any info, and hope to see you guys there!