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Shia LaBeouf signed onto Universal’s Dark Fields back in April, to be directed by The Illusionist‘s Neil Burger. Coming Soon has it from Burger that shooting will start this winter. The film is based around the conceit that a pill might make people smarter. Burger explains, “It’s more like if there’s viagra or steroids, why isn’t there something that increases your synaptic connections and makes you think smarter and faster, but it’s not without side effects and consequences.”

Recently, while doing a press conference to promote her film Fifty Dead Men Walking at TIFF, Rose McGowan opined that she would probably have joined the IRA had she been in Belfast at the time of the troubles. We didn’t report this because it was just a fucking stupid thing to say, even if well-intentioned. The film’s producers seem to agree. In addition to feeling deep regret at her comments and not sharing views, etc, etc, a released statement says “Ms. McGowan’s views were private ones, and
as such they greatly saddened the film’s producers.”
Fifty Dead Men Walking follows and IRA leader (McGowan) who unwittingly works alongside a British agent placed within the Republican organization.

And That Means You, Film_Fan78
Don’t like Diablo Cody? She doesn’t give a fuck. While part of me is sad that Cody has finally risen to the bait with her MySpace blog (though I imagine the bait was piling into a mound the size of Devil’s Tower) the rest of me is glad that she did so in such entertaining fashion. Hopefully with that off her chest she can ignore most of it in the future. And the people who matter always knew she’s got the goods. Hence her show, The United States of Tara, actually being picked up by Showtime as a series. And there’s that Spielberg collaboration coming sometime down the line…

To Hear The Lamentations Of…All Of Us!
So there’s a rumor that Brett Ratner is being courted for Conan. This is probably worth a full article, but I’m praying that it is nothing more than a rumor, and I’m sick of giving the full court press to unsubstantiated bullshit. Which is why you didn’t see five hundred by one thousand pixels dedicated to the ‘Eva Longoria in Avengers!’ rumor. (Not that I’m implicating Dread Central, who dropped this in the first place; I figure they’ve got enough confidence in the report to run it.)
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