At this point Mike Judge can hire just about whomever he wants for Extract, his next movie and I’ll remain 100% ready to see it. Vladimir Putin? A crippled yeti? (Please.) That hot guy from 90210? Sure.

You hopefully already know that Extract features Jason Bateman as a flower-extract factory owner whose wife (Kristen Wiig) may be cheating on him. Ben Affleck plays the friend and bartender who introduces Bateman to a young stud he uses to test his wife’s fidelity, with unpleasant consequences. For him, not for us. We, hopefully, will find the ensuing shitstorm hilarious.

Recent 90210 resident Dustin Milligan is the young stud. He’s appeared also in The Messengers (didn’t see it) and In the Land of Women (nope, didn’t see it, either) and might be able to add something crucial to the formula: appeal to one half of a potential audience. That is, the half that isn’t willing to get into a Mike Judge flick that hasn’t already been vetted by a thousand quotes on Facebook and SceneIt! and which features that guy from Paycheck. Not Paul Giamatti. He’s not in this. Don’t get that excited.