Thanks to ComicBookMovie and JPosters, we now have some nice clean looks at the new Batsuit. Check ’em out below and click to enlarge, because they’re BIG.



Hey, what the— that guy has almost no neck. It’s been swallowed by his batnificent trapezius muscles. It definitely looks better in the bigger color shot, but yeah, this suit is the stockiest we’ve seen in a batflick so far. Just for shits and giggles, here’s the same effect on the Batman Begins Batman. It’s a lower angle, I know, but it’s still funny.


I know you guys wanna talk about this, because the new Batsuit has been the latest source of flame wars in the comments. So talk it up, I guess.

Thanks to forum user MichaelM for sending this in!

UPDATE: Umberto Gonzalez (the scoopmeister formerly known as El Mayimbe) has posted this to his Instagram account, and he says it’s official promo art. The new batsuits are definitely looking their best here!