It has been seven years since Vin Diesel tried an original Non-Toretto, Non-Riddick live action role. Last stop on that road was Babylon A.D. in 2008 which didn’t exactly set the world on fire but was fairly okay for an odd European science-fiction flick. One of the reasons why the movie failed to find a bigger audience may have been the fact that his character was named Hugo Cornelius. Alas, he tries again with The Last Witch Hunter. In this, his character is named Kaulder and this time he’s an immortal witch hunter. Having defeated the Queen Witch once, he spends all of eternity hunting down rogue witches. The teaser trailer doesn’t give much away, but he teams up with Rose Leslie of Game of Thrones (“You know nothing, Jon Snow”) and they meet both Elijah Wood and Michael Caine who show up as priests. Breck Eisner (The Crazies, Sahara) directed a script by a writing team consisting of the two screenwriters of Dracula Untold and the screenwriter of Paul Bettany’s Priest. There’s also an official one-sheet and several pictures of Diesel sporting a majestic beard for flashback scenes.

I do have some questions though. Why didn’t they keep Diesel’s beard for the present times? Going clean shaven just makes him look like Dominic Toretto. Especially when there’s a car shot. At 0:18 you can spot wrestling sensation Kurt Angle on the left. Will he get to fight Diesel? I must know. And does Diesel see Yggradsill at 0:52? Thanks to CHUD member Judas Booth for the heads-up!

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