One of the few things I’m more excited to see right now than Rian Johnson’s new movie The Brothers Bloom is Rian Johnson’s next movie, because it will involve time travel.

Working once again with producer Ram Bergman, Johnson plans to craft Looper from his own original script about hitmen who take out targets sent back in time. On one hand, that sounds like the best possible Arnie vehicle to follow up Verhoeven’s Total Recall back in the day. On the other, Johnson has already thoroughly demonstrated how well he can play with genre conventions without losing sight of character or story, and I’m giddy at the possibilities here.

This is the moment where I’d rather Devin was home in LA instead of crashing driving Aston Martins in London, because he’s on good terms with Rian and could potentially get more details. As is, we’ll get what we can over the next few days.