South Korea or Bust!
It was kind of a big deal when Universal and Focus agreed to finance a chunk of Park Chan-wook’s next film, being shot in South Korea. Now a Sony picture is going to shoot in the country, breaking another barrier. Too bad it is Beverly Hills Ninja 2, about an orphan who aspires to ninja-dom, but becomes involved in a Hollywood crime while looking for his real parents. Ten bucks says the film won’t be very meta, by which I mean the crime isn’t making this movie. Original writer/producer Mitch Klebanoff is writing and directing; David Hasselhoff, Lucas Grabeel and Red Cliff‘s Lin Chiling are speaking dialogue and moving around. No word if a Holy Farley Relic, like a metatarsel or something, will be enshrined near the AD trucks for good luck. [Variety]

Living SNL Alum Not To Be Outdone By Mention Of Dead SNL Alum
David Spade has another picture under way, written by Kevin Farley and to be directed by House Bunny‘s Fred Wolf. (Spade and Wolf have worked together before, on Tommy Boy, Dickie Roberts and Meet Joe Dirt, and their Mad Families could happen soon with Spade and Chris Rock.) This one follows “a group of divorced guys who go on a road trip to figure out why their
marriages failed and stumble into a series of comic mishaps.”

Rockwell Elaborates On His Split Personalities
You should already know that Sam Rockwell will play dueling versions of the same fantasy character in the upcoming Gentlemen Broncos from Jared Hess. Now he explains the role(s) a little more. Flash Gordon-ish? Let’s do it. “The protagonist [of the film] is Michael Angarano and he’s an aspiring screenplay writer. He goes to a writer’s camp and a famous sci-fi author comes to visit. [The author] is kind of a hack writer and hasn’t had a hit in a long time. He’s judging all the screenplays at the camp and he plagiarizes Michael’s story which is a Flash Gordon-like story called “Bronco, the Yeast Lords.’ He changes the names and makes it into a character called Brutus,” Rockwell said of the film’s set-up. “I play both characters when they are reenacted on the big screen. I play Brutus AND Bronco.” [MTV]

When Interest Fades, Add Atmosphere
I got no idea what is going on here. Friday Night Lights appears to be jumping into bed with Picket Fences and other post-Twin Peaks supernatural drama series. Or, more to the point, with Twilight. Viz this trailer for the third season, which will be seen first on DirectTV before hitting ABC next year. The music there is Bright Eyes covering Daniel Johnston’s Devil Town, which was originally found on the great comp Discovered Covered. Too bad you can’t get the original two-disc version (one disc of covers, the other of Johnston’s originals) anymore. The song mentions vampires (And all my friends were vampires / didn’t know they were vampires /turns out I was a vampire myself) so by all means, speculate about whether that could mean anything. [LA Times]