I’ve never made my love for Scream Factory a secret, because they’re one of the few places that’s doing home video right at the moment. Their torrent of announcements continues with two Craven titles, both of which will receive the Collector’s Edition treatment. The first to arrive: The People Under The Stairs. Release is planned for August.¬†Click to enlarge the new artwork below!


The next Craven release (new artwork to arrive next month) will be none other than¬†The Serpent and the Rainbow. This Collector’s Edition is also planned for August, and both Craven films will receive new extras.

On the more obscure side, a new double-feature has been announced: Metamorphosis and Beyond Darkness. This will mark the first time these two Italian flicks have been on blu-ray, and you should be able to get your hands on them this August. Check out the great artwork below, and click to enlarge!


Source: Scream Factory