Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now is one the many great films I never saw until it hit the Criterion collection. In some ways, I’m glad I waited. It’s an undisputed classic, but it’s also a hypnotic and weird film — an experience you’ll never be adequately prepared for.

Watching it, I remember thinking a remake wouldn’t be a bad idea. That’s not to say Don’t Look Now is too dated for movie nerds like us, but I think its supernatural horror could work beautifully under the contemporary gloss of a filmmaker like Refn or Aronofsky.

No one is currently attached to write or direct the remake, and there’s no telling if it’ll actually happen because things fall through at this stage all the time. But if I had my fanboy choice of director it’d be Aronofsky all the way. You don’t think the director of Black Swan would make an amazing Don’t Look Now? You straight trippin’.

Source: THR