The Guest director Adam Wingard is a popular guy¬†around tinseltown these days. He’s done some direction for Fox’s new TV series Outcast (another Kirkman comic adaptation), he’s about to start shooting The Woods (another collaboration with Simon Barrett), he’s set to direct a remake of I Saw The Devil, and now he’s signed on to direct an English adaptation of popular manga/anime series Death Note. He’s taking for Shane Black, evidently. Wingard¬†has bitten off quite a bit, but he’s talented and it’ll be fun to see how he chews it.

I’ve never seen or read any Death Note, but it sure as hell sounds like an anime or manga: a high school student named Light finds a magical notebook that allows him to kill anyone just by writing their name in it. He gets a god complex, there’s a detective, a weird apple-eating monster, and a whole bunch of weird. The most recent draft of the screenplay was written by Jeremy Slater, who has writing credits on The Lazarus Effect and the upcoming Fantastic Four.

Source: THR