He’s a scoopin’ fiend, that El Mayimbe. The dude’s been spot-on for so many of these that I suspect he’s right. Then again, if this is only a working title, then who knows what the final product will be called.

I thought it would’ve been funny to call the flick ‘The Superior Spider-Man’ as a twist of the knife in the previous two Spidey films, but I hear the ‘Superior’ comic isn’t exactly a fan favorite.

Spider-Man: The New Avenger fits the whole MCU subtitle naming scheme very well, and it definitively lets people know what they’re in for.

The film is currently rumored to be under the direction of Drew Goddard, who was going to direct Sinister Six, but there’s been no official peep out of Sony or Marvel on that yet. Whatever the movie ends up being called, we’ll see it on July 28, 2017.

Thanks to forum user Barry Woodward for sending this in!