David Wain, please. Enough with the gay jokes. It worked for a minute in Wet Hot American Summer, and the implied aspects of the ‘naked Sunday’ part of The Ten weren’t even bad. And maybe the stuff in this red-band trailer for Role Models is taken way out of a very funny context. But as is, the homo quips just come off not even as offensive, but lame. Placeholder. Writing dialogue for pre-pubescent boys can’t just come down to that.

Because there are some decent funny bits here, and I’d rather see them take precedence. Jane Lynch chugging out from behind the TV, Rudd snorting when Banks explains their sentence, even the Quiddich and ‘aye’ lines. I’d actually love to see this same movie made with the desperate energy of the Wet Hot American Summer days, because it feels very much akin to that flick. But I’m sure Wain liked having the extra budget, time and gear, like a honeywagon to crap into instead of a hole in the ground.

(There is also a new poster for the flick, which is lurking below the embed.)