The big roles in Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic Kick-Ass, in which a geeky kid becomes an unlikely superhero, have been mostly filled out. You’ll never read much about the smaller ones until the reviews hit, though Vaughn’s shown a knack for appropriate casting in the past (the unfortunate Ricky Gervais incident aside) so I expect there will be some small character notes to talk about on day one.

But as /Film points out, we’ve got one primary sidekick to think about now. Clark Duke, Michael Cera’s partner in crime in the web series Clark and Michael, will appear as Marty, buddy of the flick’s ‘hero’. Marty’s a comic-book geek and, from the character description on /Film could be a fairly straightforward outsider kid. Which makes Duke a neat choice, as he’s got a weird undercurrent of meanness (which shows up occasionally on Clark and Michael) that could turn the character into something other than a boilerplate wisecracking distraction. But first you’ll see him in Sex Drive, the movie that I keep missing, and I don’t even really want to see.