Dear Legends of the Fall (Tarsem) and Legends of the Small (Dinklage),

Summer is OVER, and you look depressed, frankly. We see you walking those tired streets, chin to chest, hands shoved deeply and creepily into jacket pockets. As the leaves take their suicide leaps from branches to tops of cars and tops of other things and to that dirty, sinful ground, we, understandably, are a little worried for you. You look frazzled, like you’re not really taking care of yourself. Your hair is bedeviled, your clothes are disheveled, and you’re holding a copy of the The Sender starring Michael Madsen on DVD. That’s a cry for help, if we ever saw one. And we never saw one, so it’s an educated guess. We think (hope) that maybe this is your style or something. Like every year, when summer altered-beasts its way into fall, maybe you do this deliberately. You stow the summer sundress, kick the seersucker shorts to the laundry room, drape yourself in sadwear and start signing your e-mails “Crestfallen in the fall.” Um, did someone just break up with you or something? Your undereyes look tearsoaked. Oh…we’re sorry. We hadn’t heard that your guypal or palgal left you for someone…something else. Any idea who it was that stole your love right from under your very fragile heart?

It was us, THE CHUD SHOW!!! That’s right! We stole her/him with this compilation of the very best stuff from the first 10 episodes of our little podcast. And it’s no wonder your love left you. How could you hope to compete with the combined forces of Nick, Justin, and Steve’s digi-voices. Warning: This audio is sexy, flexy, and Jonah Hexy. As always, it tastes really good on the old ear tongue. And why leave (<—fall reference) yourself out just because we made off with the object of your affection? Just simply forgive, forget, and dive into the bouncy bed with Nick, Justin, Steve, and a bunch of crazy guest stars – like Ted Levine, Will Mason, and Steve! This was all just a plan to get you alone anyway and rub you with our sounds, dear listener. Please forgive us our trespasses…and also our pass-gasses. That’s right! Dutch oven coming right up!

Here’s what you’ll be hearing once you download this feast:

In this collection culled from the first ten episodes, urine features prominently. As do apes and sentient inanimate objects. Also featured: the uncut Ted Levine interview. A perfect starting point for new listeners and a reminder to existing ones how amazing this stuff really is.

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