I’m so stretching the use of the word ‘exclusive’ here. See, urrrrbody got DJ Caruso to talk about Y The Last Man, and some folks got him to talk about it being his next project. But I got mine in a one on one, meaning nobody else got the exact same answer I did (unless he’s got stock answers, which is not at all impossible), so it’s technically exclusive.

Live with it.

Anyway, here’s what Caruso told me at the tail end of our phoner for Eagle Eye:

People have gotten excited about all the talk about you and Shia doing Y The Last Man. Can you give us a reality check on that project – how close is that to happening?

It’s really in the New Line/Warner Bros court right now because I turned in what I thought was a very good script. We got Brian Vaughn’s blessing, everybody is excited about it, but now New Line and Warner Bros have to redefine their relationship and how they work together. I’d like to say that I will take a few months off and start prepping the movie in the late fall. That would give Shia enough time to go off and be relaxed to come back and try to make the movie.

For you this would ideally be the next movie for you?


How many movies do you see it being?

I see it being three films. I think part of the problem why it never really got off the ground before is that everybody was trying to throw everything in, all these great instances that happen over the course of the series. I really see it that, if the first one is successful, is that it would be three movies.

He also said that the trilogy, as he sees it, would have the real time component of the series, meaning that if the third film comes out five years after the first, it will be taking place five years after the first. I like that he’s keeping that aspect of it.