Chalk this one up under A for Amusing.

Netflix announced today that they’ve got a big competition coming up for movie loving insomniacs. The Netflix Movie Watching World Championship will take place in NYC from October 2nd through 7th. Five days seems like a long time for a championship, right? Well that’s because the previous World Record holder is Ashish Sharma of Mathura, India, who watched movies for 120 hours and 23 minutes straight.

There’s not really even a punchline you can add to that, is there? I’m not sure if that’s amazing or just sad. But when there’s a record there are always people who want to break it, and 10 people will compete to do just that. Sharma will be coming over to retain his title, and is quite optomistic about his chances “I am the one who is going to win and India will retain this world record.  I will put the fire in the heart of my competitors.”

If you’re interested in seeing this spectacle for yourself just head down to Times Square on any of those days, as the competitors will be set up in a plexiglass living room right in the center of town. I’m sure no one there will heckle them.

If, however, you’re interested in being one of those competitors, head to Facebook and search for ‘Netflix Movie Watching World Championship’. Join the group and upload a video, and you might be one of the lucky bastards to watch 56 movies in a row (man, I hope they pick some good ones). Beat the record and get the title, 10 grand in cash, a lifetime membership to Netflix, and the first Popcorn Bowl Trophy. What you won’t get- sleep, women, respect.

To win you must never allow your eyes to stray from
the screen. To make sure that the people are actually watching (and
not just staring at it like livestock) medical professionals will monitor your contions. Between every movie competitors are
given 10 minutes to eat, drink, stretch, or jab needles into their
rectum to stay awake.

Good luck, and if you’re going to compete in this, we’d love to know!