I’ll cop to being a sycophant for Max Landis. The guy has a worthwhile perspective on story and the fantasy genre, and after the utter surprise that was Chronicle (if it wasn’t for that damn found footage gimmick, I’d say it’s one of the best movies about superpowers in years), I am committed to seeing what Landis has coming up. One of those projects is another take on Mary Shelley’s seminal novel, Frankenstein (which is infinitely better than Bram Stoker’s Dracula. That book is interminable).

Titled Victor Frankenstein (bleh), the twist this time around is that the story is told from the perspective of Frankenstein’s assistant, Igor. Most people conflate Igor with Fritz, the hunchback from the original 1931 Universal picture. The name comes from Bela Lugosi’s character from Son of Frankenstein, and somewhere along the line (no thanks to Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, I’m sure) the two became one.

James McAvoy will play the titular doctor and Daniel Radcliffe will be Igor. Have a look at the first official stills from the film:



I’m getting a “Hammer Studios goes Hollywood” vibe with these. McAvoy looks more in line with Peter Cushing than Colin Clive or Kenneth Branaugh. My interest is certainly piqued, especially since Radcliffe’s Igor is pretty much a blank slate for the filmmakers to work with.

Victor Frankenstein is set for a release on October 2. A classic monster movie in the month of All Hallows’ Eve? Good call on that one Fox. Remember when The Wolfman got dumped into February? Let’s hope the release date bodes well for the film’s quality.

Source: Empire

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