Those most masculine of men at JoBlo have snatched a new Coke Zero TV commercial. Big shit, you say… but then I tell you that it’s the debut of Another Way to Die, the new James Bond theme, as written and performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys!

There are no vocals in this snippet, but man that certainly sounds like a Jack White James Bond theme. I like it a bunch, certainly a whole lot more than Casino Royale‘s anemic Chris Cornell track (but then again I think Chris Cornell sucks).

Head over to JoBlo to see the commercial (which, by the way, is weird. That look makes sense as a Bond credits sequence, but it doesn’t make me want to drink soda) and hear the new song. Meanwhile I’ll get back to preparing for my trip to London next week for Quantum of Solace, which will see me test-driving some Aston Martins, visiting Pinewood Studios and seeing the James Bond exhibit at the Imperial War Museum, among other fun activities. Can’t wait.

UPDATE from Russ: A lot of you don’t love this whole scenario and, as it turns out, neither does Jack White. “Jack White was commissioned by Sony Pictures to write a theme song for the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, not for Coca-Cola,” says a released statement. “Any other use of the song is based on decisions made by others, not by Jack White. We are disappointed that you first heard the song in a co-promotion for Coke Zero, rather than in its entirety.” But…but…what about partnership, and give-and-take, and synergy? Thanks for not being a team player, Mr. White.