Even more than the new Twin Peaks season (which may not even be happening anymore), I’ve been stoked for the new season of The X-Files. The show was an incredibly formative presence in my youth, and continues to find its way back into my life today. We’ve known that Mulder and Scully would be returning, but one big character that hadn’t been confirmed yet was Assistant Director Walter Skinner, played by Horace Pinker himself, Mitch Pileggi. Well, today gives us the most official kind of confirmation you can get in this day and age, a tweet:

Skinner is a great character, managing to balance a sense of professional antagonism with a tough-as-nails father spirit that led to one of The X-Files‘ most beloved individuals. Plus, it’s friggin’ Mitch Pileggi. Half of the reason I used to watch Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed was to hear the dark warmth of his voice. Having him gruff it up on this limited series (excuse me, “event series”) return of The X-Files has me even more excited than I already was.

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