I stand before you a man who is not that big a fan of the directorial works of Clint Eastwood. I know, this is tantamount to heresy, but Clint hasn’t directed a film in years that moved me. And his jag of Oscar bait 21st century movies, while undeniably well made and rarely terrible, fail to excite me in any way.

Now the trailer for The Changeling, his Angelina Jolie-starrer, is here and it seems like more of the same, but weird. Specifically weird in that the trailer gives every indication that this movie is simply a Lifetime film done up in period style with a veneer of LA Confidential: The Early Years tacked on. It doesn’t look terrible, but man do I have zero interest in seeing this blue and sepia and chocolate toned bid for stagetime at the Kodak Theater.

Maybe I’m just cynical, and maybe the early word on this will change my mind, but as of now The Changeling is low on my list of must-see films for the rest of the year.

Click here to see the trailer.