The older Stephen King gets the more creative he seems to become in terms of marketing his stories to the general public. Whether it’s a Marvel Comics adaptation of The Stand, which I mentioned here, or the serialized release of The Green Mile, King has certainly tried to keep things fresh when delivering his familiar brand. Then again, maybe it’s just the corporate powers being money-grubbing leeches. A little of both, I’m guessing.

Anyway, continuing this trend is the story N. It will be making its debut this fall in Just After Sunset, King’s first short-story collection since 2002’s Everything’s Eventual.

In addition to being published in King’s new collection, N. has also been developed into 25 video installments for online and mobile phone audiences thanks to the good folks over at Marvel Comics. That’s right, if you find curling up with a good book by the fire this fall is just too much work for you, you can watch N. online, or on your mobile phone, or even download it at iTunes.

“Great,” you may say, but what the heck is N. about?

Well, that’s a little hard to describe. Even King himself seems hard pressed for words when queried about it. The best advice I can give you is to head over here and simply watch all 25 episodes. In addition, check out the blurb below of King waxing on N. and what’s in store for readers and viewers this fall.