John Carpenter’s Night is easily one of the top tracks on an album full of excellent music. Lost Themes is some of the best work he has done in a long time. The record is filled with songs that call back to films like Escape from New York, Halloween, Assault on Precinct 13, They Live and Big Trouble in Little China. This is straight manna from heaven for Carpenter fans.

So now we have a video to go along with the music and it’s a doozy. Virtual reality is gaining more popularity and man’s reliance on technology is nearly vital these days. The core idea of this video is revealed at the end when John Carpenter’s surrogate pulls into a parking garage to fight another robot. Carpenter isn’t the one physically fighting, but he is controlling the battle drone.

The reasons behind having virtually controlled, weaponized androids that fight each other really don’t matter to the big picture. There’s no explanation and there doesn’t have to be. This whole video just oozes cool from the overhead shots of LA to the design of the robots. John Carpenter has his droid hop in a muscle car and drive to a street fight, baseball bat in hand. Fuck yeah.

The music video for Night was directed by Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst. Here’s a link to the album via  Sacred Bones Records: John Carpenter’s Lost Themes

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