On Wednesday of this past week some friends and I went to Trivia Night at my new local pub*. It was our first time and we didn’t know what to expect – we certainly didn’t expect to be one of TWENTY THREE teams competing and for the entire place to be so packed that we couldn’t get a table until after one team scored zero in the first round and quit.

I knew I would like the pub trivia phenomenon, I just didn’t know how much I would like it. We got off to a rough start, but soon came from behind and started kicking real ass. In between rounds four and five there was a special free drinks challenge – phase one was a game of Elimination Quarters; the teams that survived that went on to play Simon Says. My teammate Abbie dominated in both, and our team (modestly known as The Best Trivia Team Ever) won a free round of drinks.

In the end we came in third, which is actually better than coming in second: first place team wins two free drinks and one free appetizer per team member, while second gets one appetizer to be split between all team members. Third place is one free drink per member. Why would you want to come in second?

Now that we have some familiarity with Trivia Night (including the fact that we have to show up an hour early to secure a seat), we’re going to be regulars. If you have a local Trivia Night, I can’t recommend it enough. If not, King Trivia, the folks who do my local night, offer their services nationwide. It’s a real win for the bars that host – I can’t imagine that many places in the area were as packed as my pub was with thirsty trivia types on Wednesday.

*It’s actually a pub, all Britishy and shit. They serve nasty Irish bacon on their burgers. I’m not the sort of douche who uses pub interchangeably with the word bar. I’m the sort of douche who doesn’t use pub interchangeably with the word bar.