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Whoa. This is fun. Just days after losing Michelle MacLaren on Wonder Woman, Warner Bros has announced her replacement and it’s a doozy: Patty Jenkins. Yes, the same Patty Jenkins who left/was fired from Thor 2 . DC has scooped up a discarded Marvel director to helm their big female superhero film. This feels like a real jab in Marvel’s side, and I can’t help but express some malevolent glee at such a knife-twisting tactic.

This is also good news because Jenkins is a good director. While Monster is her only feature credit, that’s a hell of a credit. She’s been honing her craft on TV this last decade with episodes of The Killing and Entourage, and it looks like she wants to make one hell of a multiplex comeback.

There is more riding on Wonder Woman than it seems. Marvel’s competing project, Captain Marvel, has a little less to lose thanks to that character not being as brand recognizable as Wonder Woman. If Wonder Woman doesn’t land, there will be a higher precipice from which it will fall. Chewer JetpackJesus posted this quote from Punisher: War Zone (one of the best comic book movies ever. EVER) director Lexi Alexander about not wanting the Wonder Woman gig, and she makes a valid point:

“We finally get Wonder Woman with a female director: imagine if it fails? And you have no control over marketing, over budget. So without any control, you carry the fucking weight of gender equality for both characters and women directors. No way.”

I wish Jenkins the best, and I hope she’ll be able to give us a really great Wonder Woman flick. I also hope Gal Gadot has hired every acting coach out there.

Source: THR

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