About to meet my untimely end.

This is more Howard the Duck memorabilia than I saw on display at ILM. I was told that while Stan’s designs weren’t used, he was so proud of them that he kept them on display.

A Shaggy Dog. I like how he’s flanked by robots.

Babe, Pig In The Congo.

He just wants a hug.

Andy Kaufman from Heartbeeps! Along with an appliance from The Wiz, this was the coolest, most unexpected thing on display.

A panda head on a work desk. No idea.

Blair Butler pointed out to me that Pumpkinhead has junk. Not just a lump, but real junk. Sadly you can’t quite make it out here.

A chorus line of Terminators.

The blurry guy is Tom Cruise from Interview With the Vampire. For some reason you’re not allowed to photograph him. And yes, that’s a robot of The Burger King up top.

Shitty quality pic, but I think you get the drift. Apparently Stan Winston built a Governator as well.