Last year, I asked one of the producers of Scream 2007, Spike’s annual award ceremony dedicated to horror, science fiction, fantasy, and comic books to shed some light on the somewhat secretive manner in which the nominees are selected. While viewers are able to cast a vote for their favorite nominee, the nominees are actually selected by an advisory board made up of several reputable genre types.

So while some horror fans griped at the selections that made the list of nominees, and even more griped about the horror films that failed to receive any recognition, the blame falls on a qualified list of directors, writers, and producers– many with ties to the horror genre.

This year boasts what some might call the most credible advisory board members in the show’s brief history and yet, horror seems to have a less prominent spot on the list of nominees than last year.

Wes Craven, Stephen King, Eli Roth, and Guillermo Del Toro are just a few members responsible for a list of nominees that includes very few nods to the horror genre. In addition to those notable horror directors, geek icon Neil Gaiman, comic book genre favorite Geoff Johns, and Bruce Willis sidekick Kevin Smith also had say in what films were worthy. Oh, and some guy named Frank Miller.

As for the nominees? The Dark Knight cleaned house while horror took a back seat, allowing champions of the genre like the Prom Night remake to carry the torch. 

I’ll let you click here if you want to check out the entire list of nominees, but I think this category speaks volumes about the current state of horror and its appeal to the masses.

-“The Eye”
-“Funny Games”
-“The Incredible Hulk”
-“Journey To The Center Of The Earth”
-“Prom Night”

And then there is this category.

BEST HORROR MOVIE              
-“30 Days of Night”                  
-“The Mist”                      
-“The Orphanage”                  
-“The Ruins”                      
-“The Strangers”                      
-“Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Is the last year all coming back to you now? If you’re the kind of horror fan that is upset by this whole thing, allow me to offer you this one nominee in the category for “Best Mutilation” as evidence that the lack of horror nominations is a genre problem and not an advisory board or mainstream television problem.

-Attacked By The Infected; “I Am Legend”          
-The Autopsy; “Saw IV”                  
-The Pencil Trick; “The Dark Knight”      
-Bitten By Vagina With Teeth; “Teeth”    
-The Leg Amputation; “The Ruins”    
-Attacked By The Flesh-Eating Tooth Fairies; “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”  

See, somebody’s looking out for you. With the show focusing on theatrically released films, there isn’t much to pick from when it comes to horror movies. The “Best Horror Movie” category pretty much sums up the best of last year’s offerings.

Scream 2008 airs on October 21, 2008 with voting beginning on September 12 via