Variety reported today that the upcoming video game adaptation of Clock Tower got its first star, who is none other than the pretty face you see above, Brittany Snow. You might know her from the recent Prom Night remake, and if you do, I’m sorry. The whole world is sorry. (Why didn’t you just watch the original?)

The story for this movie will revolve around a girl who’s commited to an insane asylum and haunted “by a horror she does not understand”. But I’ve got one question- where’s Scissorman, dammit?

For anyone who’s never played any of the games in the relatively obscure series, the first two came out for the PS1 and were some pretty great little horror games. The first one had you investigating the murders of a serial killer nicknamed The Scissorman, mostly because he ran around with a giant fucking pair of scissors and cut people up.


You played a young girl who had no weapons or police training or even a can of mace to protect herself from the guy, and mostly had to run and hide hum, occasionally throwing something in his way like in any good slasher film. Made for some really tense times when he’s walk by the closet you were hiding in, bringing those scissors together with gigantic “SHINK! SHINK” sounds. The one problem was that it was a point and click adventure game that moved REALLY slow. Not good when you’re trying to run away from a maniac with 4-foot long scissors, or a little demon doll.

But in any case, we’ll see what becomes of this film, and if they can break video game’s track record in film (not likely).