I just told you about how Fox is thinking about bringing back Daredevil for a second go-round, thanks to their weak 2008 summer slate and not a lot of genre product in the pipeline – especially a dearth of the oh-so-popular superhero movie. The only superhero movie the studio has coming is the troubled X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the studio is thinking about keeping the mutants coming to your theater.

There’s going to be a big meeting at the studio about the future of their slate, and on the agenda is more X-Men spin-offs; Variety specifically mentions a ‘Young X-Men‘ movie and Deadpool, a spin-off from Wolverine.

We all saw Deadpool coming – why else hire Ryan Reynolds to play the character in Wolverine unless you have big plans for him? The ‘Young X-Men‘ movie is the one that I’ve been interested in for a while, though – does it necessarily mean the original X-Men at a young age, or could it be a New Mutants-style spin-off? I’d like to see the latter.

As I said in the Daredevil story, all of the ideas in the world won’t help Fox get themselves into the superhero game in a big way. We’ve seen that the films that work are driven by the visions of interesting fimmakers, and Fox is not a studio that is interested in bringing filmmaker’s visions to life but simply hitting a profit point.