psylocke olivia munn

Like all of the X-Men films, X-Men: Apocalypse looks like it will be packed to the gills with new mutants to point out to all your normal friends. Today’s addition comes in the form of Psylocke, who will be portrayed by former Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn.

I have next to nothing to say about this because I don’t have much of any bearing on the character or the actress. IMDb says she was in Iron Man 2, but that movie is almost completely purged from my memory banks. Otherwise, I haven’t seen her act so I can’t cheer or deride this decision. And Psylocke? All I know about her is how tough she was to fight in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. My go-to team was always Cable, Cyclops, and Iron Man. This has nothing to do with this news tidbit.

I’m hoping X-Men: Apocalypse takes better advantage of the 80s than its predecessor did with its decade. I want some eye-popping neon and punk hairdos. There better be a synthesizer presence in the score or I will be a Pouty McPouterson in the theater.

Source: Bryan Singer’s Instagram

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