Terminator: Genisys puts a lot of emphasis on a specific major twist. Curiously, the marketing department has chosen to completely spoil it in this freshly crafted trailer. In case you want to experience said twist in theatres first, I’d advise you to skip it.

About the rest? There’s nuclear armageddon. Scenes of future war. Khaleesi proudly showing off a large collection of weapons. Arnold fighting his younger self. Arnold fighting the T-5000 (whose secret identity is revealed). There’s more of the Golden Gate Bridge confrontation, with Arnold delivering a goofy “Get out!” There are scenes of a battle-damaged Arnold fighting the T-5000. The T-1000 smashes his head through a windshield and morphs through. Lots of time machine usage. Lots of Jai Courtney. It’s pretty much everything we’ve seen so far, just extended. But does it look good?


Terminator: Genisys hits theatres on July 1st.

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