I’ll take a break from mainlining Netflix’s Daredevil to share some news from the Distinguished Competition: James Wan has emerged as the frontrunner for the Jason Momoa led Aquaman. Nothing is set in stone at this point, but the fact that the news is out there means that talks are assuredly taking place.

I really like James Wan. I know Furious 7 has made the guy a mega hot commodity right now, but I think it was just a matter of time. As far as direction goes, the guy really hasn’t had a miss (yes, I even like Dead Silence) and I hope if he lands the Aquaman gig, it won’t mean the end of a pretty solid streak for the guy.

Despite my immediate obsession with Matt Murdock and his costumed exploits in Hell’s Kitchen, I’ve always been a DC boy. Aquaman (Arthur Curry to his friends) is a character that has the potential to be the good version of Thor: royal intrigue mixed with godlike smackdowns. Jason Momoa certainly casts an imposing figure, so maybe this film will help put to rest the constant jokes the character has been subjected to thanks to his most notable cultural impact taking place in the SuperFriends cartoon.

…Still, they should figure out how to work this image in somehow:

aquaman flying fish

Source: THR

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