A few years ago I would have scoffed at the thought that a new Bond film would be one of my most anticipated films of the fall*. Now, while I don’t have the same yearning to see Quantum of Solace that I do The Wrestler, The Road or the new Kore-eda and Kiyoshi Kurosawa flicks I missed at TIFF this week, Bond should be a perfect distraction before Thanksgiving kicks in. I’m fully taken by the current mixture of talent and action that made Casino Royale so much fun (World Championship Poker excluded) and the stuff in Quantum appears to be from exactly the same mold. Actually, just the fact that this film is a direct continuation of the last story, rather than just another chapter in Bond’s wild life, is reason enough to get me jazzed. (Yeah, I’m the guy that likes On Her Majesty’s Secret Service…a lot…in part because it tries to establish a story instead of a typical collection of setpieces.)

Yahoo Movies just premiered the full trailer for the film, and while it doesn’t have the sleek allure of the teaser, this does give a slightly more detailed look at the story. We begin to see where Olga Kurylenko fits in, and some of villain Mathieu Almaric’s personality is shown off as well. (Granted, he’s a Bond villain, so that personality is, within certain parameters, pretty much a given.) I do like Almaric’s eyes here; it’s like he’s consciously trying to keep them as wide as possible, perhaps in refutation of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I might even be tricked into digging the Brooklyn guitar/electro version of the theme that kicks in at 1:45.

* Much less be psyched to play the new game which, built on the Call of Duty 4 engine, really looks like fun.