Yesterday nerd god Brad Bird revealed in an interview with NPR that he’s just started writing the sequel to the greatest comic book movie that was never a comic book first (and flat-out one of the best animated movies ever): The Incredibles. That sentence should send tremors of joy down the spines of anyone with a heart and/or soul. He specified that it’s percolating, and that he’s only just started the writing, and that he’s not sure what will happen. Brad Bird spaketh unto the hushed masses:

It’s percolating. I just started to write it, so we’ll see what happens.

Obviously there are no details at this time, so let’s take wild, unsteady shots in the dark. Will Bird be directing? Will he return as the voice of super-suit specialist Edna Mode? Will the Incredible family be squaring off against the Underminer, picking up directly after the first film, or are they treating the video game sequel as canon? So many questions. One fact remains: Brad Bird is writing The Incredibles 2. Rejoice.

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