You know how old I am? I’m old enough to remember when Lasse Hallstrom directing a movie was exciting. Now, that was based off of two films, really – My Life as a Dog and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – but those were the days before mawkish, middle of the road garbage like The Cider House Rules and The Shipping News and that tedious faux art film Chocolat (although to be fair, I did quite like his Casanova).

Now Lasse is back with another movie aimed at people I don’t like, this one called Dear John. No, it’s not an adaptation of the classic Judd Hirsch sitcom but rather a fucking Nicholas Sparks novel. It’s about a soldier who goes to war and the girl who loves him or some other such bullshit… I’m getting angry just thinking about it.

My boyfriend Channing Tatum will play the male lead (which JoBlo notes marks his third outing as a soldier in a row) and now Lasse has hired up and coming beauty Amanda Seyfried to be his love. Seyfried is, of course, on Big Love and might soon catapult up a level or two when Jennifer’s Body hits.

This is going to be a Screen Gems movie. Does this mean that Lasse is on his way out? Surely  this piece of crap will make a dime or two, right? Which means we’ll get more Hallstrom Oscar bait movies in a couple of years (assuming The Weinstein Company is still around).