Scream: The TV Series
SpoilerTV has published the simplistic logo shown above and has also revealed that MTV will release a first trailer on Sunday. Along with a first look at the show, the premiere date will also be announced. The show will revolve around a series of Ghostface murders after a YouTube video goes viral. It is described as a new approach designed for the social media generation.
I liked much of Scream 4, especially Emma Roberts, but anytime they tried to cater to teenage audiences it sounded incredibly out of touch. Remember the guy who was constantly vlogging? Let’s see if MTV has a better feeling for actual teenagers.

The Human Centipede 3 (The Final Sequence)
Tom Six has released the first trailer for his third and final entry in the Human Centipede franchise. In this one, a prison warden gets inspired by Tom Six’s movies to build a centipede out of 500 of his convicts. Dieter Laser from the first movie stars, with minor parts for Eric Roberts and Tom Six himself.
The original sparked global interest for its insane concept and went on to be referenced on South Park. Still, as a horror movie as such, the original wasn’t really all that memorable. The sequel tried to be oh so clever by going artsy and meta, but it lost the few bits of tension the first one had. So why watch another one? To be honest, I can’t find anything interesting in this trailer. It’s just an even longer centipede, the ‘comedy’ looks terrible, and it saddens me to see the Academy Award nominated star of Sharktopus involved in this.

Creature from the Black Lagoon
Apparently, producers want Scarlett Johansson to swim for the Gill-man. A remake of the Universal classic has been in the making for eons, and when Breck Eisner (The Crazies) was attached to direct, they actually had a great screenplay at hands.
The new Gill-man movie will follow the recent Dracula Untold and the upcoming The Mummy remake in being part of Universal’s new Monsters Shared Universe. The original is a favorite classic of mine and I would love to see an atmospheric new take on it. This probably won’t be it, though. I was okay with Dracula Untold, but I really can’t see a Lagoon movie focus on action and spectacle.

A Nightmare on Elm Street
John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) has told Bloody-Disgusting that he almost directed an A Nightmare on Elm Street prequel. The reason it wasn’t picked up? As his movie would have revolved around Freddy’s time in hell and Adam Sandler’s hell comedy Little Nicky had just recently tanked, New Line declined to do it.
By the way, why isn’t there a new Krueger movie? The 2010 movie was incredibly bland, but Jackie Earle Haley did a great job with the character. And it’s not like Haley is too busy with other stuff.

Candyman director Bernard Rose has secretly written and directed his own take on the famous monster. His Frankenstein is set in present day LA and stars Carrie-Ann Moss and Danny Huston. They play scientists abandoning their resurrected creature, and the whole movie is set to be told from the monster’s perspective.
What if I told you that Rose has directed ten movies since Candyman, and that you haven’t seen any of them?

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