Tina Fey has become quite an institution. Not the kind you enter… well unless you’re a male reader of the site, but the kind that is starting to really deliver hordes of material that actually finds its audience. Mean Girls was a hit, 30 Rock has exceeded expectations, and now Baby Mama [not an official Tina Fey joint per se] arrives on DVD hoping to take the SNL alum and her frequent cohort Amy Poehler to more eyes and brains in a landscape heartily devoid of intelligent and fun women creators.

I bitch about Saturday Night Live a lot [not that I actually watch it], but I must admit that Fey is the real deal and the cream has risen to the top.

The film more than doubled its budget theatrically and most folks seem to dug it which is why I’m pleased to be offering you lucky folks a crack at a copy of the DVD all for yourselves courtesy of this site and Universal Pictures.

Greg Kinnear, Sigourney Weaver, Steve Martin, and Dax Shepherd also star in the story of the woman looking for a surrogate and finding the nutty Poehler.

You want a copy? Answer these three questions and click the link below and send me and email and you might get one!

1. I think you’ll all agree with my that former Fey associate Jimmy Fallon is no good. Right?

2. Cutest of these five women in your opinion: Tina Fey. Amy Poehler. Kristen Wiig. Maya Rudolph. Marg Helgenberger.

3. What celebrity would you like to father or mother your next child? Including Ed Asner.

Include your mailing address or else!